The Data Analysis and Decision Support system (DADS) from Kripya, is a Web based Analytics framework that facilitates rapid analysis and decision making. The application is capable of retrieving data from structured and unstructured sources, organizing data into a single repository, and applying analytics with visualization for quick and efficient decision-making.DADS has been designed for applicability across multiple domains - the framework approach provides for easy implementation in different domains like Healthcare, Education and Engineering disciplines.DADS has been successfully evaluated for Intellectual Property Analysis where it provides insights on patent litigation and infringment analysis, mapping between patent portfolio and litigation data etc.

Salient Features

  • Data collection across multiple domains with User management and Role based access control.

  • Dynamic definition and configuration of facets at user level with customizable attributes.

  • Intuitive user interface with features like advanced and custom search, filters, reuse of saved searches etc.

  • Charts and reports for rapid decision-making with the capability of exporting data in to multiple output formats.

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