We have significant expertise in all areas of the SW Solutions cycle - Development, QA, Implementation, Documentation, IT and Application Support. We take a holistic approach to addressing our customer business objectives rather than providing piece meal solutions. Our engagement activities include establishing a dedicated development center, identifying and implementing best practices & systems and reporting dashboards on performance of the center.We take a flexible platform-agnostic approach to developing SW solutions. We have successfully developed Open source and Licensed Software solutions, and successfully deployed them on hosted as well as cloud platforms.


We follow the Agile methodology to manage and deliver projects to our customers. Our metholodology accelerates the customer's go-to-market through frequent releases, and gives an opportunity for customers to provide early feedback at the development stage. This approach has resulted in significant savings to our customers, and has avoided expensive rework.


Kripya has a proven track record of being a trusted partner in harnessing growth and accelerating success through maximizing performance. The key factors that contribute to accelerating success for all stakeholders are:

    SW Development & Implementation

  • Solution Architecture, Modeling and Development
  • Implementation to meet Business workflow requirements
  • Customization to meet desired business workflow
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
  • Custom Reports, Training & Sustenance

    SW Quality Assurance

  • Services to fulfill complete Test Life Cycle
  • QA process design, implementation and Sustenance
  • Test tool analysis, Performance, Usability & Integration Testing
  • Migration & Interface testing
  • Test automation using Open Source platforms (Selenium with Robot Framework)
  • QA for Mobile Apps, cross-platform compatibility testing

    Technical Documentation

  • Documentation for Products and Solution SW
  • Online Context Sensitive and Offline help
  • Business Process and Work flow documentation
  • Training Content Development
  • Industry standard documentation best processes and tools

    IT Infrastructure Management & Application

  • Enterprise Hardware Architecture, design & Sizing
  • System upgrades, Migration and maintenance
  • Business Continuity and DR Management systems
  • Support process implementation & Best practices
  • Remote infrastructure management for 24x7 support
  • Metrics and SLA based Support processes and systems

    Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Design and development of Data Analysis and Decision Support systems
  • Custom implementation to meet specific client and industry requirements
  • Cloud based distributed systems to support high data volume and scalability
  • Extraction of data from disparate sources and normalization
  • User friendly visualization on multiple platforms (Web, Mobile etc)
  • Domain agnostic solutions


  • Consulting services to achieve cost-effective outsourcing of product development, delivery and sustenance
  • Process Management & Optimization
  • Project Management and Reporting
  • Technology & Strategic Consulting
  • Agile, Rational and Traditional SDLC models


To meet the requirements of its clients, Kripya offers flexible business engagement models. Kripya has delivered value to its customers in the following engagement models:

Build, Operate and Transfer

Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) Model
Kripya will setup a dedicated captive team and manage it on behalf of the client to support the design, development, QA and sustenance of the customer product/solution. After the model attains steady state, customers are given the option of transferring and integrating the offshore team as part of their organization. In this model, the client benefits from cost savings, opportunity to retain captured learning and ownership of the intellectual property created during the engagement.

Build, Operate and Transfer

Project Based Model
Kripya undertakes projects on a turnkey basis. This is a co-creation model wherein Kripya works very closely with the customer right from the initial requirements gathering through delivery and sustenance. This model facilitates customers to focus on their core domain competencies while Kripya provides the technical and project management expertise. The progress of the projects is tracked by deploying industry standard best practices, systems and tools required for successful delivery.

Build, Operate and Transfer

Consulting Model
Kripya undertakes consulting assignments in the areas of technology assessment, outsourcing strategy development and program management. In most cases, the consulting engagements lead to future engagements under the BOT or project based engagement models.






Intellectual Property